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STACYC Racing is the fastest growing segment of the BMX sport. STACYC is a type of electric stability bike used to help kids transition quicker to traditional BMX bikes by helping them learn to go fast, ride balanced, and gain confidence.  

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We're super excited to announce Snake River BMX will be running STACYC Racing this 2023 season. USABMX just announced this year that STACYC Races are eligible for District Points!  

How many races and practices will we have each month? It's all up to YOU. The more STACYC riders who are registered members in our Club will increase the possibility of weekly practices AND races!

USABMX became official partners with STACYC and therefore there's no difference in membership fees between Pedal Bikes and STACYC bikes and you can both bikes with EITHER membership!  

Our Club will be working with local dealers to offer this amazing addition to SRBMX.

Ages to participate in STACYC Racing are 3-to-7 years of age. See below for a list of "Drive" sizes for each age . Please note that STACYC brand bikes will be the only electric bikes allowed to race or practice with on the Snake River BMX track.  Questions? Contact the track @ 435-764-0786.

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