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In Memory of Nicholas "Uncle Nic" Cureton

With heavy hearts our BMX community and the Cureton family have lost an indispensable and unforgettable person. Nic was a veteran, coach, volunteer, and friend who was always willing to be there. He had a smile on his face with kind words and uplifting "you got this" for all our riders at the track. We are going to miss you so much but hope you know we got your family and will continue to take care of them as you have touch so many hearts.

If you can support Nic's family, please consider visiting the GoFundMe at or you can donate directly to Heidi & Matthew through her Venmo: @Heidi-Cureton (last four digits of the phone are 5806)

If you would like to help out or donate another way please reach out to our Club.

In lieu of the Brody's Bricks, Inc, the race Thursday, February 2, 2023 at East Idaho BMX Indoor will be a memorial race in Nic's honor and 50% of race fees will go to Cureton Family. Link and details are here: East Idaho BMX. Pre-Register now! We hope to see you all there to rally our BMX community together for the Cureton Family. We will announce at Memorial Race at Snake River BMX near the start of the 2023 season.

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